The Pedal Reaper and #antistrava.... why?

#antistrava  is a hashtag created by riders.....riders that just enjoy riding, riders that are not necessarily concerned about how far or fast they have ridden... They just ride.

Strava is an amazing tool, and we have all used it at some stage, to map a ride, check out a location on a map or see how far we have ridden. The premise behind #antistrava is to remind people why they started riding, to escape, to explore, to hang with mates and most importantly have fun!

We all want to get fit, better ourselves and beat our best times, but maybe just one ride a month, or one ride a week leave STRAVA at home, and just go out and ride your bike, instead of looking at your Garmin or Magellan take in the places around you, chat to a mate and enjoy the simplicity of riding the humble bicycle....and never know when the PEDAL REAPER might strike!!