Introducing Dre.

Yeeeeeeeeew! There's a new blogger in town….

My name is Dre and I am now representing Pedal Power Garage in the world of Enduro Racing/riding, trail building and having a good time on a bike!

Now lets not kid around here - this will be the first time I have ever raced ANYTHING let alone a 27.5” Enduro sled! First off, a little background on myself and bicycles…

I picked up my first BMX when I was 15 - it was a chrome Mongoose Villan with purple stickers; what a steed that was! BMX was a real form of ventilation and escape for me. I grew up on a small acreage on the outskirts of a small town, so to have a BMX and go into town and ride the skatepark was a huge deal!

So BMX I did for years; I never amounted to anything due to my riding ability - I had the tendency to huck tricks and gaps that were always out of my ability (a lot like my snowboarding career…) however fast forward to 2008 and myself and my co-pilot Simon Watts were the owners of our own BMX exclusive shop in Albury, NSW.

This lasted 2 years before Simon had enough and I wasn’t in a position to jump into it full time. We sadly shut our doors in 2010 and left a legacy in the town - we were a venue for art exhibitions, hardcore and acoustic shows, video premiers… we were a host for the youth to hang out.

It was around this time that I bought my first 26” bike - a Merida; which then morphed into an Intense M1 and then an Iron Horse Sunday. Myself and my friend Brendan Loechel spent all our time digging downhill tracks in Edi forest and touring the North East bombing hills faster than I could really control myself.

Not long after shutting the doors of The Sanction I was approached by Elite Cycle Imports to set up and team manage a group of BMX riders under the Fit Bike Co banner - for those of you that don’t know Fit (FBC) is one of the largest and most respected ‘core’ BMX brands out there and its owned and ran by S&M creator Chris Moeller.

I worked along side Chris and my crew of 6 guys for 4 years - picking up the team management for S&M in the last 12 months of that 4 years. I rode the whole time and breathed BMX, organised local and national BMX events and helped my man Chris Harti earn a signature FBC frame ‘the Hartbreaker’; how ever locally back at home there was a whole scene of guys riding bigger bikes that I wanted to be a part of!

Only a few weeks ago I left the FBC/S&M (change of the distributorship; hopefully this isn’t permanent) TM position and it was then I decided I wanted to have a real go at pushing myself. With Tom Snowdon egging me on to get involved, I made the purchase and am 100% committed to racing the Vic Enduro Series.

Tom and I have been spending all our time riding and digging trails - we spend as much time digging as we do riding and if any of you have ridden our loop(s) you will agree its worth it!