10 Questions with.... Ben Peach

Meet Ben,  he owns one of most types of bikes, but if you ask him what his favourite discipline of riding is he would quickly blurt out Mountain Biking!! He is the first cab off the rank in the 10 Questions with..... series. 

1. Your favourite bike? – that’s like asking me who is my favourite spice girl, I love them all equally! But if I could only keep one, it would be my Trek Fuel EX9 29 with fancy Mavic SLR shoes that compensate for my lack of fitness.

2. Your dream bike? – I’d love an SB6C with my own list of parts. It’d have ENVE wherever possible, Di2 XTR and I’d have it in Yetis famous turquoise.

3. Worst bike you have owned? – I’ve learnt to love each and every bike I’ve owned to be honest. But my least favourite bike is my current Trek 520 Disc.

4. Favourite place to ride? – Can I say Whistler, even though I haven’t been there? Otherwise I’d have to say Buxton is my favourite in Victoria.

5. Favourite cycling brand? – Don’t really have one.

6. First word that comes into your head when you hear the word Bike? – oh yeah

7. Worst cycling experience? - I did a big group ride to Mt Buller to ride Stone Fly when it opened. I had no idea how unfit I actually was until I rode with a bunch of guys who put me in the box. About 2-3km from the top I had the worst cramps I’d ever experienced rendering my legs unusable. The rest of the ride was spent taking 2 steps > cramping > falling over > stretching out painful cramps > getting up > repeat.

8. Favourite cycling product? – a bicycle. Probably suspension if I had to narrow it down to one specific component.

9. Why do u ride? – First and foremost, because there’s nothing better than being on the brink of chaos and holding it all together. But it’s bigger than that, it’s the friendships, the high-fives, the lifestyle and the raw fun.

10. Where do you see cycling in 5 years time? – Well of course I’d be racing the new trendy discipline of super-funduro-pump-robocross which is a combination of enduro helmets and goggles, les mills pump class and cyclocross against robots.