10 Questions with.... Simon Watts

Yes this is the most awkward photo I managed to get

Yes this is the most awkward photo I managed to get

This is possibly North East Victorias best, most experienced and well known bike mechanic. Yep I said it; with well over 10 years of spinning spanners and managing workshops under his belt you would be hard pressed to find a better mechanic at the top end of this part of the world. 'Wattsy' as most people would know him is also a very underrated rider - starting out with BMX roots in sunny Bright that love evolved into MTB, pre 1980's vehicles and customised motorbikes amongst other things awesome and tasteful hobbies!
Its hard to ride anywhere without someone knowing Simon and his beard.... Well here it is - 10 Questions with Simon! (Oh and don't read too heavily into the answers....)

 1. Who (are you), What (is your occupation, Where (is your favourite loop, Why (do you ride MTB):

Simon (the wizard) Watts - Bicycle Mech technician @Bikeculturealbury - Secret single trails and down the sides of the gnarliest mountains (not at liberty to divulge any further information) MTB Enduro is off tap bruv, Why wouldn't you ride MTB its just the sickest way to race!

2. Bike Setup - what particulars do you do:

Full Enduro!!!!! negative degree stem, 870mm bars, super stiff 180mm travel, 27.5 plus wheel setup getto tubless, flat pedals, 1x10 setup with 40t front narrow wide for pedalling out on single track.

In one end...

In one end...

3. Beer Setup - preferred beer:

Craft, hand brewed from yak testicles, only available mail order from Ladonia

4. Why is **** your favourite loop? 

Secret! is truly my favourite because if i can't brag about how gnarly the single track that you can never ride was, then there is no point in riding it.

5. Whats your opinion on Strava?

Fuck yeah, I thank jesus christ for inventing STRAVA, I never ride with out it. If your not on Strava you cant compete, and if you cant compete give up!!

6. What do you think has been the best innovation to MTB in the past 5 years? 

Specialized SWAT technology .

7. Worst trend in MTB?

People riding for fun. losers! 

And out there other!

And out there other!

8. Where do you think MTB innovation is headed next?

Really looking forward to super light weight electric engines on Enduro bikes for those pesky climbs. So over pedalling!

9. Places you want to cross off in the next 12 months:

Red bull rampage, Crankworx freeride festival, Thredbo Cannonball MTB Festival, Megavalanche (no need to travel, just need to race)

 10. Your local area - what can be done better and how:

Smoother Trails, machine built berms and jumps. Its time to get ride of all those shitty bumps, rocks, drops, sticks, roots, wash outs, etc and get building some flow style jump tabletop sets people. The trail builders have to hire some proper bobcat drivers to get in there and clear shit out of the way!