Initial Impressions-Fox DOSS Dropper Post

The Fox DOSS Dropper Post has been around for quite a while now but has not had a great deal of hype in Mountain Biking circles. It seems to have been over shadowed by Foxs' main suspension competitor the Hydraulically activated Rock Shox Reverb.

I have decided to give the DOSS a fighting chance, it seems like a good thing by all reports, so lets see.

Lets me start by saying weight in my opinion for this post is not a factor, many reviews have stated the weight as a big negative, and at just under 600 grams it is on the heavier end of the dropper post scale but realistically will it have a massive effect on my riding, NO! I can't imagine myself slowly getting to the top of a climb and saying to my riding buddies "Sorry guys for being a bit behind but my dropper post is a bit heavy!!!!" Unless you are racing XC World Cups the weight should not be a factor, and lets be honest these things are designed to help us have way more fun and have more control on the way down the mountain.

At the other end of the dropper post is the lever, again many reviews hate on the size and look of the lever, but again I think it is practical and versatile. The lever can be mounted any which way you choose, above the bars, below the bars and either on the left or right hand side, to me this is a big plus and currently having a 1x setup I chose to mount it on the left hand side.

Running the cable between the lever and the post was simple and realistically only took a few minutes to work out cable length, fit the cable and adjust the tension slightly using the barrel adjuster at the lever end.

Fox supply you with a cable guide the fits via a cable tie to the lower part of your post to help with guiding the cable when the post is in the Trail and descend position, this helps with keeping everything nice and neat.

I really like the fact the post has 3 set positions, following Foxs' Climb, Trail, Descend mantra. An initial push of the black lever drops the post 40mm, this is enough to get the saddle out of the way and for you to enjoy some freedom when heading downhill. A push of the silver section of the lever drops you all the way to the lowest point, descend mode for the more hectic downhill adventures.

Initial impressions of this post are all positive, after a little play with the post in my local area the fact that the DOSS has set positions rather than infinite travel adjust is something I really like, but this is my personal opinion, the lever is ergonomic and has a positive feel, the setup of the post was super easy, all that's left is to go and DROP ON STEEP SHIT!