10 Questions with.... Timothy Arch

Meet Tim, he enjoys photographing bikes almost as much as he enjoys riding them. Tim has his own photography/film business and over the years has been spotted at many local and national races either racing or shooting them. His work can be viewed in publications such as Enduro magazine and AMB to name a few. Have a look at his work at http://www.timothyarch.com/

Tim arch (or is it Zoolander!)

Tim arch (or is it Zoolander!)

I was lucky enough to get a few minutes of Tim's time to answer 10 questions...

1. Carbon or Steel?

Can I have one of each?

2. Road or Dirt?

Dirt when I can get it. In fact always dirt.

3. What inspires you to ride?

Great trails and great mates.

4. Favourite bike you have owned?

A 2009 Superfly SS. Last of the Gary Fishers'. It has its problems but you can't have a much better maiden voyage than a trip to Rotorua to race the SS World Champs to make you fall in love with your bike.


5. First word that comes into your head when you hear the phrase "too many bikes"?

Time for a storage unit

6. Favourite place to ride?

Anywhere with good company. And NZ

7. Worst cycling experience?

As in least good? Its cycling-there is no worst. Oh, you mean like on an indoor trainer?

8. Where do you see cycling in 5 years time?

More gears, more wheel sizes, wider tyres and people still shredding klunkers. Oh and heaps more MTB trails, with thriving communities around them.

9. Most loved piece of cycling gear?

Dropper post. Brilliant idea. Instantly increases the size of your testicles and gets out of the way of them!

10. Best cycling related show/movie?

TDF, OK so road riding is allright :)