10 Questions with.... Euan Pennington

I was lucky enough to meet Euan recently while building around 900 bikes in one day! Immediately I knew he had a passion for all things 2 wheeled, and when I read his name badge "PIRATE" I knew he would be one of the more interesting 10 questions with.. Euan has had some amazing experiences on the bike, and has an interesting use for his old bio pace cranks! Anyway read below and get a glimpse into Euans' world. Thanks for your time.

1. How many bikes do you own, and which is your favourite?

Possibly 6 complete bikes plus some projects, or pieces, call them what you will.  If I could only have one it would be my Rohloff equipped belt driven fat bike, the answer to the Apocalypse.  Too much fun in any situation, appropriate or not.

Ok.. who's jealous!

Ok.. who's jealous!

2. What got you interested in cycling?

I can't really remember, I've had a bike since I was aged in single digits, so that's well over 5 years now.... Or more....

3. Why do you continue to ride?

Keeps me fit, keeps me sane, has social aspects, makes me feel good.  Essentially, you'd be mad not to. 

4. How would your life be different if bicycles were NOT in it?

Given the role cycling plays in my physical and mental health, I guess I'd be fat and grumpy and even less fun.

5. Describe riding a penny farthing in one sentence?

It's gentle and fun and everyone loves them, you just need to plan ahead due to the small issues of no gears, no brakes, no easy access to the ground, and the ready manner in which they can throw you over the bars.  I'm not sure why they went out of fashion, I can see no safety concerns in the last sentence.

And I thought 29ers had big wheels....

And I thought 29ers had big wheels....

6. Do Pirates still exist, if so do they ride bikes??

Of course Pirates ride bikes - it be good fer yer booty!

7. Most memorable cycling experience?

Can I have two?  I can't decide between riding offroad trails in Moab, which was profound and I may well have seen God, and riding out to the Greenland icecap from the international airport on horrible broken hire MTBs, repairing them along the way with a Leatherman tool and lolly wrappers, a very long way from anywhere with some question as to if anyone knew where we were should head if things turn messy.

8. Do you read cycling magazines, and if so on a tablet/computer or in print?
Tablet?  Who has a power supply in the throne room, where all the best cycling publications are perused?

9. What's the best cycling innovation you have seen in your time?
I'm loving the advent of quality internal hubs, like the Rohloff.  Innovation is huge, though, considering back in the 80s it was really just road bike, MTB, BMX and thanks for coming.  Now there are so many options to build such a diverse array of bikes for any application from cargo to touring to fat bikes, and equip them with quality drive trains and brakes so they both go and stop, the adventures you can have are endless.  That said the first world circumnavigation by bike was in the 1880s on a Penny Farthing, so you can do a lot with a little if you choose.

10. And the worst (there may be a few!!)
Surely all bikes are good?  Then again I did make my biopace cranks into a toilet roll holder, to support my cycle publication habit, so I guess they weren't  a winner.  And I can't say I think much of Strava, which just panders to the narcissism of self obsessed frustrated racers, (at the risk of sounding judgemental).  

Now stop reading the computer and go and ride - I'll see you out there.  Just remember, as Yoda said, "Road, or mountain.  There is no tri."