Ergon Grips now in store

Ergon is a German company that specialise in making ergonomic bicycle products, with the majority being cockpit related. They have won numerous design awards for their product design, but usually this comes at a cost of the aesthetics. Many of their products would be best seen on bikes that have baskets,  mud guards and even an orange flag on the rear.

In 2013 Ergon stepped up their game and teamed up with Canyon bikes to form one of the most dominant Enduro teams in the world. This also meant that there was a shift in direction and product development to accommodate this team, and in doing so they have developed some of the best grips, saddles and gloves on the market.

Ergon may not be as well known as some other high profile brands, when it comes to grips but the understand the ergonomics and body function of riders better than most brands. Yes it is cool to have fluro grips or your favorite riders surname sprawled across the grip but when it come down to it comfort and feel are way more important. In saying that we believe Ergon have hit the mark with their GE1 and GA2 grips in terms of looks and colour range.

At Pedal Power Garage we don't just shove an item in the store and try and sell it, we product test first. We want to make sure this product does its job and does it well. That's why you wont see 10 different grips in our store, 15 different helmets and 25 different pairs of shoes. We select certain products that we believe will appeal to a broad range of rider and help achieve the perfect ride. ERGON will help achieve that goal

With Ergon we are running 2 different model grips, the GE1 and the GA2. Here is a little more about each grip:

The GE1 is specially developed for Enduro mountain biking. Handlebars are wide, and gripped right at the end, while the riders elbows are kept bent. This position dictates the construction of the grip, and in turn the grip itself is able to prevent typical issues of tension in the arm and hand. With two rubber compounds, there are textured zones orientated against the direction of rotation of the hand. The grip also takes advantage of a lightweight high quality aluminium clamp, securing the damping optimised inner core and the whole grip. Everything optimised for the intended use. 

The Ergon GE1 Grip

The Ergon GE1 Grip

 All Mountain / Gravity grip with non biased layout. The GA2 has a superb tactile feel thanks to the new super soft, UV stable rubber compound, which is exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany for Ergon. This translates on demanding trials into more control. The ergonomic optimised form allows reduced force to be used when gripping, as the grip zones are matched to the hand. The inner construction varies in thickness to allow greater damping. The inboard clamp allows even more grip area at the end of the bars, and is completely secure and carbon bar friendly. New cool colours increase the style factor. Only 3.8 oz. (107 g) per pair. 

The Ergon GA2 Grip

The Ergon GA2 Grip

From our experience the GE1 grip is far more than an Enduro grip, in fact this term sells it well short of what rider the grip really caters for. This grip is a great all rounder, from XC to DH, this grip will suit a massive cross section of riders. As the blurb states, it is for riders with wide bars, aren't all mountain bikers running wider bars these days??

We look forward to some feedback on these grips soon. We are also testing Ergon saddles, gloves and backpacks at the moment, so keep an eye out for more Ergon in the garage!