Go retro with FOX Heritage decals

We all like our bikes to look good, it's like that old saying... if your bike looks good then it rides good (I think that's it!) Anyway I decided to add a bit of Retro bling to the GT, and  install some FOX Heritage fork decals. I went with the heritage orange, for no other reason than it looks good.

We all know that applying stickers/decals can be tricky, put them in the wrong place, or start getting a crease in them while applying them, and you are in more trouble than the early settlers!!  I decided to follow the correct application procedure. If you are thinking about slapping some on your Fox forks or shock then you should too!

Look past the aviators and polyester pants for some helpful tips and tricks on how to install our heritage decal kits on your fork and shock.

I hope you found that informative. The decals really stand out and are a great way to celebrate Foxs' 40 years in the suspension industry. 

I successfully followed the video, here are the results.