10 Questions with.... Dayne Fuge

When Dayne was 15 he crashed his 4x bike into the back of a parked car trying to emulate one of his cycling heroes Shaun Palmer, since then he has turned his attention to road cycling. Originally hailing from the Sunshine Coast Dayne now calls Melbourne home and has quickly gained a massive following with his clothing brand Any Given Sunday. I was lucky enough to catch up with Dayne between racing his Ritchey CX bike and unveiling his newest kit. 

1. Carbon or steel?

Don't make me choose which child I love more, both have amazing qualities there's no wrong material just wrong application.

2. vinyl or MP3?

Vinyl at home  MP3 for travel 

3. Which cyclist or cycling event inspires you to ride?

As a child 100% Pantani, he in my opinion encapsulated everything that cycling was about, as I grew older it was Shaun Palmer, he was the face of a new breed that my generation could relate too.
These days I don't really get to caught up in pro cycling but I do like what some of the guys are up to like the Morton brothers.

4. Favourite bike you have owned?

Tough one but to ride it's the parlee z5sli  

5. First word that comes into your head when you hear the phrase "just riding along"?
Haha  my chain and dérailleur went in the spokes

6. Favourite place to ride?


7. Worst cycling experience?

Crashed into a parked car on my 4x bike at about 15

8. Where do you see cycling in 5 years time?

I could rant on for days about this but essentially I don't know hey it's un chartered territory, discs in the peleton and may be UCI reducing weight restrictions.

9. Most loved piece of cycling gear?

Over shoes and gloves can make or ruin a ride

10. Complete the sentence "when its to cold to ride my bike I......................."

Go skiing