Therapy comes in different forms..

Riding is fun. It makes us feel good. It turns bad days into not so bad days. It keeps friendships alive and forms many new ones. It is exercise for the body and also the mind. Riding is awesome.

But have you ever thought, when ripping down that amazing singletrack or busting your lungs up a heart stopping climb.. Who built this trail?

Sure in modern day Mountain Biking there are quite a few companies that do just that, build trails, and they do it very well. With funding, plenty of hands and some decent equipment these companies bang out trails around this country at an amazing rate, and we thank them for it.

There are also plenty of riders that love to build, almost as much as they love to ride. These guys have basic tools; shovels, matics and a rake. For many trail builders this is their time to relax. Building a section of an amazing trail turns their crap day into a good one, finishing off that berm puts as big a smile on their face as it would do for many riders winning their first race. There is no better feeling than riding a section of trail you have just built, seeing the blue print in your head come to fruition in the dirt .

We as riders need to thank these builders. Some of the best trails I have ridden lately have been hand built, with countless man hours put into creating dirt masterpieces. The clip attached features one such trail, still a work in progress I believe, and it wont be found on any trail map or STRAVA segment #antistrava