10 Questions with....Dayne Elliot

Its been a while - there has been a lot happening with both Troy and myself in Pedal Power land and in our after hours lives.

Skip the bullshit and here we are; new town and a new riding crew for me! Well kind of new - I've known these guys for the best part of my life and they are a hell of a crew to be a part of.

Meet my mate Dayne - Dayne has been one of my closest mates since year 10 in high school - he has a knack to look smooth as silk on a bike without pedalling - I'll be chopping wood to keep up and he will just be rolling in smooth.... Here's a little about Dayne and his MTB life!

Little whip out on a fast step down straight into a berm. 

Little whip out on a fast step down straight into a berm. 

Name, Nickname, Age, Riding Years and preferred riding terrain?
Dayne Elliott aka Spiff, 32 years of age. My MTB addiction started way way back in 97 till present and for my preferred terrain well....it would have to be some moist dirt, berms, jumps in all its various shapes an sizes, rocks to mix things up and throw it all down on a gravity fed single track.

You’re rocking the Kona; fairly uncommon but what are the noticeable traits you have found with the Kona Process 156?
Yeah the kona I think has had a bad wrap in the past, could be why we don't see alot of them but from the reviews I've read and the research I found on the process it was all positive. Plus I like to be different and ride a bike that is uncommon. After riding the kona I've noticed that it doesn't sag quit as much as other bikes in the same category. Which for me I love because I wanted a stiff rear end for those up hill slogs , plus it can take on all the big hits going down. For an all mountain whip it's everything you want an need.


Whats your history with trail digging and developing the National Round track at Mt Taylor?
Ye ol mount Taylor...well I've seen a lot of change happen over the years. Back in my early stages of riding my self and the local crew at the time would spend every second weekend putting in the shovel time. But since then alot of people have put there own time in to improve and create what stands today.

Always looking on point - seriously; he always looks dressed for the occasion!

Always looking on point - seriously; he always looks dressed for the occasion!

How has having a bub changed you? I don't think you have changed a bit since having Hudson but do you think you have?
To always fit in a ride when you can. We have just attached a baby seat to my hardtail mtb and can't wait to get out on the road on our family rides.

2016 has been a big year for cycling already with the loss' of Kelly McGary and Dave Mirra. What do you think young guns are going to miss out on in 10 years time?
When seeing all my news feed fill up of Kelly's death, it was a cold hard reminder of what we do can be dangerous. But then we lose Mirra an icon in bmx. The guy as a kid I'd watch in amazement at how high he would get on the vert ramp and throw down tricks while that high. I don't think kids will miss out much because they will have their Fearons, Brosnans, Semenuks etc....to look up to, to inspire them to push them selves to achive glory. And for bikes that big wheel of evolution is always turning.

Technology is something that I am not too keen on in cycling; I'm all for progress but I draw the line somewhere - whats your stance on it and whats the positives and negatives of it?
Well I see people using things like strava and thinking its just fitbits for bikes. To be honest Ive never used any tech on my bike these days, other then my contour camera but in the early 2000's I had a cycle computer on my DH bike for timing runs and seeing how fast I can get. I'm all for technology in riding but if it gets in the way of have a good time with your mates then maybe it's a pointless gadget. I have heard of the culture in Strava of trying to be king and giving your mates the shits by doing so. 
There is a lot positive and negatives with tech but for me I'll stay off it and just ride bikes with goods dudes an dudetts.

Dippin in all smooth - pedals win medals says Dayne

Dippin in all smooth - pedals win medals says Dayne

What are the top 3 mistakes people make when trail building?
OK so....in the past I've heard a lot of people say they are gonna build this "sic" section of jumps and try an impress you with what there plan is. You head out to see the finish build to find super massive gaps that need toe ins to clear. So don't be scared to start comfortable and progress to bigger and better things.
Mistake 2: when cutting in a new trail maybe start from the top and work your self down. I've ridden trails that have been worked from the bottom up and the berms fill backwards, the whole flow of the track is all off.
Mistake 3: speaking of flow make sure it's a priority when planning. It sucks when your duckin n weaving with your rhythm on point when......it all comes to a screaming halt because of a lack of thought went into corner to catch all that awesomeness flow.

Why is everything you own better 2nd hand than when you bought it!?
Haha....thanks pal. Well I'd say it's because I respect my belongings. I try not to thrush em. And as you would know I like to secure my bike away from others, keeps those shuttle scars to a minimum.

How much annual leave do you have and will Chloe let you away for a 4 day weekend?
I got a few hours spare. I reckon Cloe would let me out but Hudson might be a bit reluctant to let his dad go. But I'll work on him, maybe some extra yoghurts after his dinner. 

Where are we going?!
Mate it doesn't matter where, as long as your there with the bainsy crew plus lass you know it's gonna be good time.