Bikes, Rain and Beers, Derby style!

If you live in Australia and ride a MTB there is a fair chance that you have heard of Derby, a small town in Tasmania that has recently reinvented itself as a Mountain Biking must ride destination.

11 of us set of from Tullamarine, Melbourne early on Friday morning, arriving in Launceston, Tasmania ready to jump in our bus and get on the road, all we needed to do was collect our luggage and bikes! Unfortunately somewhere between oversize baggage drop off and landing one of the lads bikes was "misplaced", to their credit the airline promised to deliver it when it arrived later that day and pay for a hire bike and associated equipment until it arrived. 

The mini bus was full of anticipation, there was banter about bikes, beer drinking and occasionally travel sickness (the roads are a little windy!), after a quick stop in Scottsdale for a meat pie and supplies we continued up the road eventually arriving at our destination, Vertigo MTB, located smack bang in the middle of town. We were greeted by Buck and Jude, the 2 owners of the store (we had trusted these guys to organise our 3 days of riding including shuttles, our accommodation, airport transfers and some meals) and were advised we might need to change our afternoons riding plan due to possible rain the next day.

We quickly built our bikes, put them on a trailer, jumped in the shuttle bus and headed up the road toward the highly regarded Blue Tier trail. This trail is around 20 km's of pure MTB joy, and it conveniently finished at the Weldborough Hotel, our home for the next 3 nights! 

Enough of the words, check out the vid put together by Nick one of the lads from the trip, it sums up the weekend in around 5 mins, bikes, beers, mates and good times (with a small shower of rain in there too!) Thanks to all that made this weekend amazing, Vertigo MTB, Weldborough Hotel, BDA Racing!

Im a mechanic get me outta here!

I haven't been able to tell this story due to signing legal documents and being sworn to secrecy, but I think enough time has passed and the show has aired to talk about one of the stranger gigs I have done as a bike mechanic.

December 2016 I received a call in regards to building some tandem bikes. The job seemed pretty basic, build 8 tandem bikes at an undisclosed location in Lower Plenty (outer Melbourne). I was then told I would get a call from another person to organise times/day etc. I did receive a call and that's when things got a little odd, I was told the bikes would be used for a TV show, that would air in the U.S. I was also asked if I could attend a filming day to make sure everything ran smoothly as far as the bike part of the show was concerned. 

I didn't really know what to expect but I headed out to the winery where the "show" was being filmed, built some bikes.. and let the cameras roll!

Our job was initially to build the bikes, then strip parts off them, wheels, tyres, reflectors, seat posts and handlebars put them in sealed bags and throw them into a dam!!

The contestants had to run an obstacle course then finish up by retrieving the parts carrying them up to the frames and try and build them as quickly as possible, they were only able to ride the bikes to the finish line once they were built correctly and officially passed by the mechanic!!

If you have a spare 9 minutes have a look at the link below...