Our Mobile Mechanic service operates in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. The service provides a convenient and professional option to have your bike serviced at your home or workplace, on a day and time that works for you. The below prices include travel to your location unless otherwise stated. Call, email or use our online booking form to book your service today.


(Easiest) Bike wash/polish and lube                          $39

(Easy) green service                                                         $89

(More difficult) blue service                                          $119

(Very difficult) black service                                        $159

(Extremely difficult) Double black service             $poa


Wheel true                                                                 from $15

Brake Pad Install                                                               $15

Gear tune                                                                              $30

Brake adjust from                                                             $20

Brake bleed (include fluid) per end                            $30

Tube replacement                                                   from $10

Wheel build                                                                           $60

Tubeless setup (not including parts)                        $20

Hub service                                                                from $20

Bottom Bracket Service                                                 $30

Build Bike from box                                                            $40

Headset service                                                       from $20

Minimum labour charge                                                   $10

Mobile service incurs a call out fee of $20

(Easiest) Bike wash/polish and lube                 $39 inc. mobile service fee

  • Bike wash
  • wipe down and polish
  • drivetrain degrease
  • drive train lubrication
  • cable lubrication

(Easy) green service                                             $89 inc. mobile service fee

  • frame wipe down and polish
  • brakes checked and adjusted
  • gears checked and adjusted
  • chain degrease and lubrication
  • wheel true (minor)
  • check tension of all bolts, nuts,fasteners
  • check tyre pressures

(More difficult) blue service                               $119 inc. mobile service fee(plus chain joining                                                                                              link if required)

  • as listed in green service, plus:
  • drivetrain off bike degrease
  • wheel true (major)
  • bike wash

(Very difficult) black service                             $159 inc. mobile service fee

  • as listed in blue service, plus:
  • crankset removal/degrease
  • bottom bracket removal/regrease
  • headset removal/regrease

(Extremely difficult) Double black service $POA